Digital Pressure Recorder

Backpacker Digital Pressure Recorder


Standard Ranges available:

  • 0-5.800 psi (0-400 bar)
  • 0-29.000 psi (0-2000 bar)

High Accuracy: 0.15% Full Scale

Easy to Learn Software

Recording of test Pressure and Temperature



The Digital Pressure Recorder system consists of a Digital Pressure Transducer and a Laptop Computer with the specially developed Backpacker Pressure Recording Software installed. This software is designed as an Easy to Learn application and doesn't require special operator training.

From start to abandon the Temperature monitoring (°C) and Pressure monitoring (bar and psi) are displayed in all steps of the software.


Every test is automatically stored. So it’s possible to check the full history of each test even when the test wasn’t approved or when the test was unexpectedly aborted. The process is fully traceable.  

Of each test a  

Pressure Test Certificate 

can be generated.



The process connection of the Pressure Transducer is a ¼” High Pressure Female. To link the Transducer into the High Pressure Test System Backpacker delivers the Transducer with a High Pressure Manifold matching for example a Formula or Elephant system. The Manifold is fitted between the High Pressure Out and the Test Hose.  


In case the Backpacker Digital Recorder is used to connect to a measuring point the Transducer is fitted with a Backpacker High Pressure Quick Connector. This fits the Backpacker High Pressure Test Hoses. Hoses are available in various lengths, starting at 7,5 meter. Complimentary with the hose a loose quick connector, to connect to the object, is supplied. Please specify the connection required, for example ½”NPT.



The Backpacker Digital Recorder System is delivered with a recent calibration report, traceable to the Dutch national standard.



In addition to the Backpacker Digital Pressure Recorder a stainless steel Stand can be delivered.

It is designed to provide a sturdy Platform for the laptop. The height can be adjusted to create a convenient and ergonomic position for laptop operations matching the operator while standing. 



Required information

# Range

# Object connection

# Hose length (optional)